Project yoomani Events

Our first project targets the event industry as well as private consumers. Unlike many others, we don´t offer a customized App for each event. Instead, we offer just one App which is used to handle all events. We believe, this is beneficiary to those who run events on regular base want to use an easy solution.

yoomani Events comes for FREE and allows you to run everything from simple, private Events to large congresses and conventions. It´s all about making key event details available on mobile devices.

Creating just takes minutes not hours; simple and fast. You don´t have to miss key features like PUSH Notification to stay in touch with your visitors.

Create Your Event Now!

Project myGymPoint

Officially launched at FIBO 2014 trade show, our fitness solutions serves fitness organizations with simple but yet effective scheduling and communication functionalities.

myGymPoint helps fitness organizations, no matter what size. Where fitness course scheduling comes in, myGymPoint is the easiest solution to create, maintain and communicate your schedules. Your customers can even book courses where necessary. Messaging is also possible to inform your customers about anything you like. It can be used with any browser and our mobile myGymPoint App; available for Android and iOS